My drawing wont appear infront of the other layers once i arranged it

Hello people. im new. Ive been faced with the same problem when trying to take my 20 frame animation and place it infront of another drawing frame in which i use as a background. I did the arrange bring to front and i have clicked and dragged the layer to the top but it still appears under the background. i can see the animation when i click the select button but it wont play the animation over it and it doesnt show in exporting. ??? i need some help on how to fix this :wink:

You may find the information posted on the following WIKI page helpful toward understanding working with layers. If you have additional questions please ask them. Weโ€™re here to help. -JK[url=]LAYERING ELEMENTS

it worked. i went to properties and made my character in the foreground instead of the background setting it was automatically put in. thanks. im making a question soon about the easiest way to clean up a rough animation if you wanted to check it out. thanks again