My Drawing don't have any strokes and i cannot draw above them.

Hi, i am having some trouble out of nowhere with the following issue.
So i drew my shapes and paint them with fill. After that i made a new layer on top and i started drawing but the new drawings where drew behind my initial drawing. Even though the where on the layer above. Also it seems like the initial drawing does not have any strokes. I cannot edit it with my contour tool or even select it with the select or cutter tool.

Any ideas?

Are you using the Camera or Drawing view to draw? because the behavior change a lot depending on this.

In Camera you see all your drawings (those connected to a Display) in the order they are organized.

In Drawing you see only the actual Drawing, plus the others if you click the light bulb in the bar, it will show the others but without transformations.

I am using the camera view. And i am working in color art mode. Here you can find a screenshot to better get the idea of the issue

Maybe one of your layers has a value in Z, check under Layer Properties-Transformation tab-Position (z) axis. Both of them should have the same value for the layer order to work. The default value is 0. It’s possible you moved some of them by accident.