My Computer or Toon Boom

I just bought a Wacom intuos 3. I like it. It feel pretty natural. not quite as natural as pencil and paper. anywho when I use the tablet with toonboom or corel painter the lines draw much slower then when I use the mouse. I make the motion with the tablet pen then the line catches up afterwards. My computer is old and slow so I am thinking that is the cause but before I do something like by a new computer I would like to hear other people opinions on the subject. Has anybody else experienced this problem?

first thing to do is make sure you have all the latest drivers installed for your tablet. after that, see what happens when you play with the sensitivity settings of your pen. I use a graphire 4 & found the default settings were not to my liking in toonboom, but in corel they seemed fine. I adjusted the pen & increased the firmness, & since then Ive been very happy drawing in toonboom. I hope that helps, all I can think of.
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You might want to give a look at the following topic. It contains a bunch of tips to optimize the performances of your wacom:

If you have any further questions feel free to ask.

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i’ve got the same problems with my old wacom ud-0608 (a serial one) using my old computer (a p3, 750mhz, 256 mb ram). tbs v3.0 was running smoothly on it, with the next version (tbs 3.5) the wacom tool has completely lost its realtime drawing abilities. the computer upgrade (to an amd athlon, 1.84ghz, 512 mb ram) brought back the proper functionality.

check the system requirements for your software version and make sure you installed the latest drivers, both for wacom and for your video card.

p.s. now i use an intuos3, too. btw, i noticed that for my art of animating the size ca. 4 by 5 inches (a6) fits conveniently.