My commercial

Check out the commercial i made for BookRenters. I only had 3 days to make this ,so its not my best work:. I did make this with ToonBoom storyboard Pro and ToonBoom Animate Pro so let me know what you guys think…

While the animation was okay, I didn’t think the ad worked.

I didn’t even really get what the point was to the end.

When you go for the big grand dreams, I am certainly not envious of him at all which is the idea I assume. I am not really sure the soundtrack helped in the message you were trying to convey either.

Please don’t take offense, that is just my opinion(which may be totally wrong :)).

lol its cool i only had 3 days to make it i wanted to see if i could animate 1 minute in 3 days thats all :slight_smile:

That might of been part of the problem, perhaps you felt the pressure to fill that full minute (i am guessing a rule for the comp!).

You certainly attempted to have a high number of unique scenes.