My Cartoon

Hey Everyone,
My friend John and I recently finished our cartoon. Watch it and let us know what you think…be forewarned, though. It has been known to offend.

I thought you guys did a great job on that! Showed a lot of hard work and planning, good design sense, some funny kicks, etc.

Hope to see more. Consider setting up a podcast–there’s a great tutorial on it here at Toon Boom.

Rock on.

Wow u made these 2 episodes in toonboom studio?

Awais: I used TBS and Flash. I’m actually thinking of filming a tutorial of my process. I learned a lot, and I’m sure people new to animation might find it useful…I sure would have when I first started this thing.

Rob: A podcast sounds great. I’ll talk to John about it.

Thanks guys!

Wow ok for what purpose did u use flash ?
and yeh it will be great if u also share its making also , thanks !

Hi there,

I think your animations are really great, congratulation!!!

Filming your process would be very useful for many users, I encourage you to do so.


Very nice. I’m pretty sure I saw an Adsense ad on my site pointing to this animation.