My BrushStrokes Don't Appear?

So, I went through a lot of trouble today to FINALLY! AT LONG LAST! get this program up and running on my new PC tablet. Going to create my college final animation on it, so it’s all very exciting.
Then I began drawing on the program, and no lines appeared.
But I know that the lines actually registered. My program knows I made the lines, when I save the project and open the animation in quicktime, I can see the scribbles I attempted to draw. Yet for some reason, I cannot see them while I am using ToonBoom.
Someone, anyone help…Please? I’m desparate here.
Could this be a driver problem? I tried switching to “3d mode” or whatever in the display settings, but that just crashes the program.

Please contact and let them know which specific model of graphics card is installed on your computer.