My bones are snapping back when I try and move them


I’ve got Animate Pro 3, and I’m actually doing a project for a client, and he’s grown impatient while I’m doing the “earn while you learn” method.

I’m working with a simple character with bones for the arms, legs and body. Things were gong pretty well, but I’m having these issues.

  1. When I click on the bones “Setup Mode” my body parts go flying off.

  2. Sometimes the bones snap back when I try and move them. This started happening after several hours of working on the scene. Things were looking pretty good, but now the character is all distorted. It looks like he’s have a seizure… Very sad…

Any ideas why all this stuff is happening?

Thanks so much in advance for any answers you might have.


When you go into Setup Mode and make adjustments to the bones structure do you select the deformation module and Copy Resting Position to Current? If not, when you adjust the Bones structure it immediately starts to have a deforming influence on the drawing. When you select Copy Resting Position to Current it only redefines the position of the bones structure.

Are you making changes to the bones structure after you have animated and created multiple keyframes? That will make a mess. You should get the Bones structure finalized before animating.

I use AP2 and offhand I’m not familiar with “setup mode” working with bones (IK bones?). However I do know that if I ever have to add frames to a scene, no matter how careful I am, it can have very random and drastic effects on keyframes. It’s made my characters look like their seizing, body parts fly around, it’s added random changes to motion paths of objects and even of the camera. Very frustrating stuff. Maybe something like this has happened?

Okay, that’s helpful…

Thanks very much for your response to my letter.

I worked for six hours last night, and around 3 a.m. things really went downhill. I thought I’d try and make a new master template and reintroduce the character into the scene.

Take care, Eddie

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This forum uses software that is very basic.

It does not have subscribe or PM options.

Did you have pictures or a link to the file at one time? I have wanted to help but I have not had time to go through everything I have on Bones. If I can I’ll focus on it this weekend. I’d like to know what is going on with your project.

have you ever concerned with experts?

Hi, I just saw your reply to my Bones questions.

I will print out your comments and use it for reference going forward.

Many days have gone by since my last post, and I’ve learned a lot, but I’ve got a long ways to go. I’ve watched dozens of tutorials (the one from toon boon, and for other users) and there are still holes in my understanding.

Here’s couple…

• I really want to nail down the feet of my character, but I can’t make it work. It is possible that nails don’t work with “Bone” characters?

• I’m still have problems with my camera not showing up in the timeline. (you gave me some suggestions on that one, but I’m still not having any luck)

• Should the camera be connected to the “composite module” in the network view?

• Color Pallet - How come sometimes I can see my past colors, and sometimes not?

• The anchor point is a total mystery to me. I done a lot of reading and tutorials, but on my “bone” character I can’t seem to tame it. I’ve tried using the pivot, and “apply pivot point to peg layer”, but the “head” still flies all over when I try and move it from side to side.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks!!! Eddie

• Nails only work with IK. There is a 2-part Tip of the Week describing a Bone Deform rig that provides a nailed foot effect. Lily of Toon Boom sets up two different rigs for a character then swaps them when she needs the nailed foot. One is normal. The other has detached parts that are Bone-rigged in reverse.

Swapping Out Deforms Part 1

Swapping Out Deforms Part 2

Did you figure out the flying apart Bones/body parts problem?

• A Camera Module does not have to connect to anything in the Network Window. I have read and watched videos on the Cameras and experimented but The Rule for seeing it in the Timeline is still a mystery to me. With a few options turned off and on I can get it to appear however consistent and predictable behavior is elusive. It does not always stay visible when it should and it does not always appear on cue when it should. So here are a few things to coax a camera into appearing in the Timeline:

  1. In the Menu across the top of the Timeline there is a drop down menu for Display and Display All. NOTE: There is one for the Drawing/Camera Window, Timeline Window and one for the main GUI…the last one requires the “Display” tool bar to be checked in order to be present. Go to Top Menu => Windows => Toolbars => Display. It should be set to Display All. Switch back and forth if it already was set to DA. Reset the relevant windows…the main GUI and Timeline. You can also set the default from the Top Main Menu Bar => Scene => Default Display.

  2. In the Network Window select the Camera Module then switch the Display /Display All item back and forth in the Timeline.

  3. Click on a camera module in the Network Window then click on the View Modes button located 5 buttons from the left above the left column of the Timeline and choose Selection Mode Only. This should isolate the selected camera in the Timeline. Switch back to Normal View Mode to get everything to reappear in the Timeline Hierarchy.

• The color palette problem would be inconsistency in the way you handle them. You can save them to an external library folder. You can link them to new projects. You can access them and make them independent so updating them does not effect everything sharing the library. There is method to the madness that I am not clear on every detail. But the randomness you are experiencing surely is due to some variance in your technique.

Palettes Part 1

Palettes Part 2