My Apologies Toon Boom

For some time now i have had a bone to pick with Toon Boom Studio. Reason being that I saw the program as having several short falls. Ranging from a difficult to understand rigging/peg system, the absence of basic raster fx, blurs, soft shadows etc. and the fact that manipulating the contours of a shape on one frame, say frame 1, and then again at frame 14. the changes would not tween. What I would have to do was, do frame by frames from 1 to 14 to change my shape shape’s contour irregularly.
However at the time of all my bashing and bad mouthing I was bent on one idea of animation (being obviously young to animation), that idea was instilled in my by another program: Anime Studio Pro. Although Anime Studio is a fairly acceptable program, it was not the most flexible for frame by frame/flash type animation. I guess I was used to having a lot of my work done for me, not realizing that I was also sacrificing some of its quality.
So today I return to Toon Boom with my tail between my leg, saying: Your programs are excellent and very professional. My fellow users if you happen to see any of my bashings, I must say forgive me. You have only to try it for yourself.

NB. In the relation of Toon Boom and Anime Studio, I honestly do not want to recommend Anime Studio to a newby, reason being in the industry it is better to begin your training from frame by frame animation, then you may introduce your self to the easy pre-done stuff later on.
But if you are just looking for a easy, quick, no prfessional quality end product software, by all means please.
To achieve such quality with Anime studio, you will need carefull planning, maybe even a team to work with, and a good composition software. Its just more work in the long run, believe me I have made the mistake, and back. :slight_smile: