My animations are on the Web

I finally got brave enough to create a web site with the few animation I have created. The site is not the fastest on the web. Hope you enjoy.


Any comments, even something negative? ???


Hello Vince,

i’ve seen your first animation so far. The server is indeed a bit slow but that is the only negative thing to report. I am very impressed. This movie is full of little funny details that i recognized while seeing it for the second and third time. Very entertaining and encouraging. Your page is bookmarked.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the kind comments. Sorry for the slow server, it is one of those $99.00 a year hosting deals. I have been trying to better my quality especially in my lines. The only person that has been able to help me with my animations is my 9-year-old son, and to him everything is great ;D. I have seen other work done by other people with ToonBoom and their lines are always nice and clean, mine are fat and nasty. I cannot figure out how to keep the lines consistent when I scale and zoom. I still use a mouse to draw, I do have a tablet but cannot seem to get a grasp on it, and I get disoriented when trying to draw with it. I am too lazy to draw on paper first then trace or scan into TB.

Hope to have some new stuff soon.


Hey man good for you! I have to agree with the comment above, it is very encouraging, as I am just learning this. Wasn’t that slow for me. I will tune in in the future to see what’s next. Welp, keep it up!