My Animation with TBS

I recently entered an animation in a video short, short contest and came in 2nd place.

Look at the 2nd place winner under animation "FrankenGecko"

Take a look:

They compressed the heck out of the 15 second animation. My original looks much better.

I used Carrara to create the backgrounds and the “Gecko Bots” and output to Flash. I also created a stand-in in Carrara for the main Gecko character then animated over the stand-in using TBS. The entire animation was composited using TBS layers for background, mid-ground and several layers for the character to create cutouts for Frank the Gecko.

By the way only 15 seconds is WAY, WAY hard to create a “story”. My original story was about 26 seconds. I was able to cut it down to 17 seconds then I sped everything up to fit inside of 15 seconds. Some of the dialog was shortened and goes by way to fast.

It was allot of fun and took some time to create.