My Animation Portfolio

My portfolio is up and ready to go. It includes three animation reels from 2016 that run around two minutes long with a general slideshow of artwork featured in all of them. The first video focuses on traditional animation, the second one emphasizes computer animation, and the final film puts the spotlight on team projects. They include snippets of animation from larger films or basic exercises on the principles of the art form. Please note that some of the animation featured in the reels have been sped up or edited in order to fit in the time limits of the reel itself. If you want to watch the full length versions of the films then check them out in the animation section of my website, Mike Ryan Animation. Thanks so much for watching it and enjoy the work.

Traditional Animation Portfolio & Slideshow

Computer Animation Portfolio & Slideshow

Teamwork Animation Portfolio & Slideshow


:heart: Excellent work. I like yu’re screenplay.