Music Videos

I have two music videos I have finished with animate pro. Let me know what you guys think, especially if it’s nice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Would love to watch it but only 1 video appears and when it does and I try to play it gives me the error “Video not found or access denied:rocket.flv”

Internet explorer (yeah I am boring). I will test on my laptop later tonight.

The youtube one was nicely stylized. It was interesting to watch which is good :smiley:

These look awesome man!

Alex, thanks very much! I really dig your work as well. thanks for the feedback!

Inspirational man! It’s rewarding to see what the software is capable of :-).

I’ve seen both these before but they hold up very well to repeated viewings. Was the concept for “Rocket” yours or did the band come to you with that? It’s so wild - love it!

My only gripe is the reel to reel unit animation cycle doesn’t hook up properly, causing it to pop to a new position after a few seconds.

That half and half robot was fantastic! Great designs and animation all around. Awesome, awesome stuff.