Music Video created with Toon Boom.

Hey guys,
I’m an avid Toon Boom user, and I’ve just finished a music video using TBS.
The band is called Kupek, and all of their music is available for free at

Here’s a link to the video at

that’s hot: awesome co-ordination of hand animation with piano audio;
great concept playing piano while falling down - nice timing for lip-synch to vocals -romi :wink:

Wow, congratz!

This video is so cool! How long did it take t create it?
How did you achieve the great lipsync style?
(Built in Lipsync feature of TBS or by hand)


That’s the second-best falling-out-of-a-window-piano-solo I’ve ever seen!


Nice job. It’s interesting . . . if you hadn’t said that you created this in Toon Boom I would have guessed Anime Studio. It has that certain Anime Studio look to it.

I like the bitmap textures and the lighting effects. Did you manage to create these entirely in TB or in an NLE, e.g. After Effects?

Thanks for the nice words guys.

romistar: I had a friend who plays piano play that section for me and I filmed him doing it and referenced it heavily.

Autlaw: It took me about two and a half months in my free time. My contract came to an end in august though, so I spent the last little while spending all day finishing it up. I did the lip-sync by hand (Time consuming and BORING) but I think it looks good.

Guitartist: I know it’s only second best, but the falling piano sequence in ‘Steel Magnolias’ is untouchable as far as I’m concerned :wink:
I played with Anime Studio for a bit back when it was called moho or something, Toon Boom has always appealed more to me though. The BG’s were painted in Photoshop, the lighting effects were all done in Toon Boom with Colour transform effects sticks and bubblegum.

Wow fantastic work , i am watching again n again !

I knew I should’ve pegged you as a Scott Pilgrim fan, I love O’Malley’s work.

Great great video! It was worth the wait.

All the more impressive! Especially the bubblegum trick.

That was not only awesome and well done, but thoroughly enjoyable. Certainly merits furhter study–I’m really impressed with the timeline you knocked it out in. Great look, great song.

One thing that caught my eye wasn’t so much the falling piano, but the building behind it. Somewhere along the line I found something online about that kind of a shot and you nailed it good. I had to watch it a few times to find the center of the shot there.

Thanks for posting, and for the inspiration!

Nice job. The cat’s movements were done very nice.