Music for a WIP

I have been trying to write some music for Animations

here is one such WIP if anyone wants to give feedback

I like it! sounds like you understand music. Anything else out there we can listen to? ← 3 more there, they are all demos though. Lament for the lost I love, but I hammer the piano in it and it needs to be played more softly. I am doing that and adding a string section.

I also have this one up with a video done in Animate

I liked my video at the time I made it, but now I want to go and update it and fix some of the issues. I am thinking of doing it in 3D and making a piano version of the song (instead of the current guitar base).

There will be lots more coming soon. I plan to update my site and stuff and put a lot up, especially some uptempo stuff cause that catches people attention more.

this is AWESOME!
this is the exact type of music style I want in my animations, I prefer a lot of medieval type sounds for my animations.

How do you do this, what program?

I am glad you liked them.

I use reaper as my DAW (digital audio workstation). I use a mix of recording live instruments with an maudio fasttrack ultra and using sampled libraries with a midi keyboard. The libraries are fairly expensive for good ones (cheap ones just sound fake and are limited at best). Eastwest are my favourites.

For the actual medievil style is basically lots of counterpoint, harmonies and the harmonic and double harmonic minor. The style is more about arrangement than what I used. I don’t actually use many traditional instruments just because I don’t have access to them. Flutes are often good for the medievil sound but I don’t think I used any. (I may of added them doubling the high strings but that is more a trick than anything to help define the attack).

With guitar I tend to like using guitar rig, purely because I don’t have to mic up amps, crank my amp to a good volume and then even if everything goes perfect due to me not have sound treated rooms I am still not going to get a better sound. That said if i had access to a good studio I would mic up.

cool, I like it a lot man, it’s the exact type of music I’ve been looking for.
It appeals so much to my animation style.

Which one did you like in particular?

raider- nice work on these! reaper is a great daw for the price, ditto on the eastwest collections. I use ableton live + max/msp and play double bass. I’m studying this piece by marin marais which I think you will enjoy judging from your work.

That is a very beutiful piece of music. I do love classical music in general although I more guitar based approach which leads to someone interesting piano lines since I tend to visualise as a fretboard rather than keyboard.

Also Ross if you are using for non-commerial purposes only i would probably let you use some of mine. Just PM or email if your ever itnerested.

I like the “thelight” I like to hear the harmonizing of the voices.