music copyrights

hey everybody,

i have found the perfect background music for a project i am working on, here:

you may need to copy paste the URL onto your browser instad of clicking on it

i have contacted Sony Computer Entertainment Europe which owns the track for a persmission but i am not sure really if Sony is ever gonna get back to me. so i was wondering, is there somewhere i could perhaps shop for affordable good quality music copyrights? you know something quick without the hassle. i am looking for something that sounds like this track, oriental, starts slow then builds up…

any information would be greatly appreciated… :slight_smile:

Not sure if this will help you or not, but worth a shot.

hey Eglue, thanks, their music is really good, and not pricy.i had visited a few royalty free music websites before this but the quality wasn’t as good. i will go through their libary hopefully i will find a suitable one.

thanks again! :slight_smile:

The harry fox agency covers licence fees for cover songs, so maybe they would be able to offer you advice on how to get a licence for your animation. Obviously what you want is a bit different but they are connected to the labels.

I don’t know what price they charge but I assume it isn’t cheap because music often is replaced for DVD release because of licence issues.

As eglue mentioned there are plenty of places online where you can find royalty free, and cheap music of varying quailties.

Did you use this for sony?

thanks TheRaider, that was helpful… charging students 200 dollars administration fees, give me a break Sony! ???

They can’t/won’t give it away for student use because it devalues the customers who are playing signifcant amounts of money.

Also if you short film goes to festivals etc, it will be a nightmare getting it shown and making sure all the licences are in order.

Personally I don’t sell my music for small amounts on the principle I don’t want to devalue it. I would actually rather not charge and come to some agreement than take a token amount for those I do deciede to work with(like sometimes I have a friend who has a short and needs some music so I will help them out).

Anyway my point was considering your a student you really want stuff you don’t have to worry about the copyright fees for.

i am not a student, i just think 200 Dollars “administration fee” is sort of too much for students. but yeah i totally understand your point.

oh i thought you were cause of what you said.

Was the “administration fee” just to talk too you? If so I think that is going to be very very expensive. It is pretty poor form they can’t just give a polite reply giving you an idea of the situation if that is the case.

I wouldn’t be very happy as an artist because they are basically scaring off clients.

Hey Amin

It might be worth taking a look in the music section at I think you’ll find musicians that want to cooperate with animators.