music and animation not synching

I should first say I’m a newbie with this.

I recently got Toon Boom studio 8 and my first project is a basic animation set to music. I’ve got it pretty much done but I’m finding that the music and animation aren’t synching in a few key places. There are about 5 places where the music and movement need to synch perfectly. What I’m seeing is this:

  • If I export the movie as a QT file I find the exported movie gets off from the music as time goes on
  • If I just play through the video in Toon Boom the music and animation get separated as well.
  • If I play the animation from a point within the video - say I start playing the video a couple seconds from where a synch point is - the video is not off.

I’m suspecting I may be pushing the limits of Toon Boom’s ability to render things on the fly.

One key point: I’m doing everything thing as one big scene. The reason I’m doing this is because I’ve read it’s impossible to get Toon Boom to play music over multiple scenes (short of doing things like cutting the music.) The music is about three minutes long and I’ve got about 2100 frames (at 12 frames per second.)

It may well be I need to break the movie up into different scenes and apply the music later but I was hoping for an easy way. :wink:

I also note that the imported music sounds a little weird - there are some clicks and “burps” every so often. These persist into the exported video.

I’m running this on a MacBook pro, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 15, 8 gigs memory.

Any thoughts appreciated. I’m looking forward to playing with this software more.


Avoid using MP3 audio format which is compressed and may lose synch.

Another way to approach it is to cut the audio for animating reference purposes and to use an editing program to stitch the parts together using the original uncut audio (so you don’t hear clicks or dead spaces in the audio). It’s probably easier to work this way since you are not overloading the system’s resources making really long scenes.