Multiscene Plane problem

I’m reading the tutorial, and in the first part “attach camera to a peg” it says:
1. In the Timeline window, drag and drop the Camera element on top of the Peg-camera element.

I cannot find any such thing as a “peg-camera element!” There are pegs, but no peg-camera. So I cannot drag and drop onto the peg-camera because I can’t find such a phrase. PLease explain!

That rings a bell…

Just drop it on the peg in the timeline. If there isn’t one you can add a peg from one of the buttons above the timeline.

There still isn’t a peg-camera! ??? The tutorial picture shows a peg-camera element - I cannot get this when I attach the camera to a peg. Thus, I can’t get any further into the tutorial. :frowning:


Are you in Sceneplanning mode?

Well, as far as I remember there were two “Scene-Planning-Tutorials”,
one with “Mike the Ant” and the other one a “City Scene” with “guy and dog”.

I think in both tutorials the Toon-Boom-Team already created and named
the “Camera-Peg”.

If you can’t find this peg, please do so as Rob recommended, feel free to create
and name your own peg, and drop your camera into this one, and go on from there.


I just checked both Tutorial here, I think I already have since version 2, so fairly old,
and both of them have “Camera-Pegs” already created.

Pegs like all other elements are generically named when created. You just right click on the element’s track label and choose “rename element” from the drop down list. Then you get a dialog box which lets you give the element the name of your choice. In this case you will name your peg Camera-Peg to make it easy to identify in the label list and match the author’s text.

Additional information: by default every project is created with a minimum of three elements in the timeline. a camera element, a drawing element and a peg element. Additional elements can be added as needed. The naming of elements is a personal preference. In most cases the default peg element is usually renamed as Camera-P or Camera-Peg by the user because the camera usually needs to be attached to a peg unless it will just be totally fixed and rigid throughout the scene.

As someone who attempts to write tutorials, I constantly struggle with the balance between too much and too little instructions. It is a tough decision because as the writer you don’t want to lose the reader’s interest by over explaining things but yet you don’t want to confuse them with omissions of details like telling them they must name the peg for it to have a particular name to match the tutorial. -JK