Multiplying layers

Is it possible to multiply layers in Storyboard Pro? It would be a ridiculously useful function. :-\

I’m working on a film with a team of story artists, (some of them from Toronto) we started with Storyboard Pro, but have switched production to photoshop because of the multiplying issue. Multiplying layers is useful for people who draw with the computer or by hand. I got used to SBPro and I liked it for the most part. the more frames you have it can start to bog down at least on a mac.
No Worries,
Thank you!

I understand why this would be useful - this is something that people who do their drawings by hand would be able to make use of.

It isn’t something that we do at the moment. Of course, if you can import an image with an alpha channel, then that alpha channel will be respected.

What we’re looking at doing is we’re looking at giving the ability to be able to vectrise the images on import, which would solve the issue of getting rid of the white background.