Multiply layer and Clipping Layer

I use Toonboom Harmony Advanced, and My question is

Does Toonboom have a multiply layer, burn layer etc and how would I access it?

As well as, I saw in the previous versions of Toonboom, that there was a clipping layer. Is there one in the most recent version of Toonboom Harmony advanced?

Select the layer you want the effect applied to and then click on the Add Layers button + on top of the Timeline and then Effects > Blending. Then, in the Timeline, double-click the Blending layer to choose the type of blending you want to apply.

The clipping I suppose it’s the same as the Cutter in Toon Boom. The usage is similar as for the Blending, just choose Cutter instead. There’s detailed instructions here:

Luis Canau

Thank you so much!