Multiple Wheels

Can anyone help me in setting up a bicycle and a wagon?

How do you have all the wheels turn at the same time based on the rotation of the paddles?

Is there an option in the modular library that allows me to mirror movement?

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Awhile ago I had to do a bicycle and a wagon in two separate animations. Here is how I handled them.

For the bicycle the two wheels had no spokes but rather each wheel had white zigzag lines coming out from the center in a sort of V shape, one on each side of the center hub. Rather than animate the rotation of the wheels I just did about 4 drawings of each wheel with the wheel turned about 45º. I then cycled the drawings at either one exposure or two exposures.

For the pedals and the rod between them, I just made a narrow rectangle with the pivot point at the center. This I rotated with a Peg. The pedals themselves were part of the feet of my characters and were parented to the rod. Then I just had to animate my character’s legs to join up with the feet.

For a wagon, I just made one wheel with like 4 exposures at various rotations and cycled through them. Once I had one wheel I duplicated it three times. I did this on the wagon in my Good Neighbor animation on my YT channel. It worked well and avoided adding pegs and keyframes.

Well if you animate the rotation on one wheel, you can always copy and paste the keyframes to another wheel. If you put the pivot point around the centre of the wheel, then when you create those keyframes, it rotates it around that pivot point. That’s why it’s possible to just copy and paste it from one to the other, because it will just paste it around the pivot point of the other wheel.

Did that make sense?


Let’s check for the next update the hub disney