Multiple Video Layers, please.


Could I put in a request for multiple video layers in the timeline, or a the very least the option of an additional layer specifically for text.

A lot of my work is animation for TV commercials, and Storyboard Pro would be ideal as a one-stop solution for my storyboards and animatics if this option was included.

Most TV commercials have text elements which run throughout the commercial, often crossing over scenes: disclaimers, terms and conditions, and other graphics which sit over any action.
It’s been almost impossible to copy and paste text elements across scenes (which may have camera moves) and scale them to counter the camera move to keep them static.
An additional video layer would make it so easy to add text or graphic elements which are held on screen over a number of scenes.

If I have to add elements like this again, I’m going to have to import my whole Storybord project into Premiere and add the text there, but I’d prefer to do it all in SP.

Many thanks,


Yes please. It would be a great help in many situations .

You have this ‘‘spread layer motion’’ option, but it’s really not handy if you want to edit your panel duration OR the layer movement afterwards…

Another possible way:

they could also make an option in the Layers Property panel where you can set it’s layer exposure to multiple panels or ‘‘entire scene’’…

and also an extra option which should show up if you enable the above:
*make layer editable
*use same drawing

These ‘‘linked’’/extra exposured layers should then have some different symbol/colour/whatever in the small layer thumbnail view, so you know that it’s a ‘‘multi panel-layer’’

where you could maybe also indicate if it’s the beginning/start layer by a symbol that represents that…

if it’s a layer in the middle/ between the start and end, then it could also have a symbol that represents that.

same for the end…

Has this been considered for a future update yet? It would be really nice to have the ability to make multiple timeline drawing layers. Just like any editing program. It’s not enough to just have a layers inside the panel. You can do it in Harmony. It should be possible in Storyboard Pro.

That way you could easily make a background timeline layer and put a character on a separate timeline layer. Making edits way easier. Right now if I have to make an edit, I have to do it to all the panels the drawing is on.

I understand people use this for storyboarding, but when it comes to animatics, this feature would be great. It is the 1 major thing that the Photoshop timeline has over you guys. If you made this change, you would be the best program for animatics, by far. Photoshop couldn’t compete.

Yes it would be fantastic to have timeline channels per layer.
Coying and pasting backgrounds, props and static characters is time consuming, fiddly and drives files sizes through the roof.
Also retiming changes to such elements is painful.
Improvements in this area would be valuable time and energy savers.
Please consider this for the next release :slight_smile: