multiple sound files-clicking

When I import more than one sound file (to run at the same time), it makes a clicking/popping sound (one file alone doesn’t do this). I’ve tried setting it to stream, and also tried importing it as many different files (wav, Quicktime, mp3, basically all the files they list), and the clicking persists. Any suggestions? Or will I have to do this in an editing program like Premier? Thanks!

Which version of Toon Boom Studio are you using? I have tried it on Toon Boom Studio 7 by importing 2 .wav files (32 khz, mono and 48 khz, mono) that works fine.
Maybe, try with different quality of sound of 22khz, 48 khz, mono or stereo with different combination in case it was related to the sound quality.
Of course, if you will use premier or any other editing program as for the post production, the OST should be added later unless the sound you are using it in Toon Boom Studio will be your final

Hi Juho - Thanks for the quick reply and suggestions. I’m using Studio 4, which may be part of the problem if it’s too old. How do I change to 32 or 48 khz-mono? I’ll probably just work around the problem by adding all the sounds (except for the lip-syncs) in Premiere. But now this has brought up a separate problem. When I imported the TBS4 Quicktime file into Premiere and tried various export variations, the visuals were washed out and blurry. Any suggestions for what I can do to get the visuals closer to the crisp Quicktime originals? Thanks much for your help!

Hi Juho - I figured out how to change to 32 or 48 khz and mono, and it reduced the clicking sounds greatly. Thanks for that! Still struggling with the blurry and washed out export files when I import the Quicktime file from TB4 to Premiere. Any suggestions? Thanks!