Multiple Scenes

So I have a pretty big project that involves multiple scenes, 10 to be exact. Would the proper approach be to create each scene separately and combine them all together? If so, what is the best way to do this?

yes you would make each scene separately and then you would render each scene, then you would combine all the scenes as a long movie file in after effects or premiere or any other compositing editing software, number and name each scene starting with 1 and a name to keep organized and make it easier to import as a sequence.

Okay appreciate it! Are these programs free?

no you have to pay for adobe software but if you do I recommend Photoshop and Premiere Elements 9 bundle on ebay for reasonable money, or if you don’t want to spend you can get free compositing software at or or look up more free compositing software online.

You could try Shotcut.

It is a free and open source video editing program that in general gets pretty good critiques.

If you need something a “bit” more professional, then Davinci Resolve will fit the bill nicely. Pretty hefty system requirements, but hey! it’s the industry standard for colour grading. The non-linear video editor is very strong and functional now, and can compete with better ones out there (such as Premiere).

And the best things about it: a free version is available which can edit and output up to 4K footage, and aside from a couple of things (such as the missing noise removal), is fully functional. Much more powerful than Premiere Elements or Shotcut. But once more, your hardware must be pretty good to run this comfortably.

Get it here:


I’d never heard about Davinci Resolve before. Looks great. I’ll definitively give it a try in a near future.

I only knew that there was a free version of Fusion (for compositing).

But I didn’t know that they also had an editing software.