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Hey everybody. I’m seriously considering the transition from Flash to Animate, and I have a question. Does Animate allow you to work on multiple scenes/shots and output them as one big animation?;action=display;threadid=1886 ← better than i could ever say


It works the way I expected, and like a lot of people I’m used to working on individual scenes, even in Flash, but it’s a bummer if you can’t at least open two scenes at a time to compare them and say copy layers. It would be nice to have a setup like After Effects where you can create folders per composition and always be dipping into other shots to copy assets, etc. And if you can’t open multiple files in a program, it’s a bit of a slap if the program makes you create a project. Like, what for? Why not save all that data in the file?

you could just save a whole scene as a template then drag it into your new scene.

The main issue is if you do it too much it could become unpredicatable due to the complexity of Animate very large scenes can be unstabe.

But most of your suggesting is what the libaray is for.

I gotcha. So is the standard practice to save often-used assets, like say the layers for a three quarter head, in a template, along with whatever symbols might be inside the eyes or mouth or what-have-you? If so, that’s actually a huge improvement over at least the way Flash does it and better than After Effects in the sense that multiple artists can be using the same head or whatever.

Thanks again!

Hey, I have another question, Raider. Is there a way to set auto splines so that things ease in and out automatically? Also, is there a way to see multiple items in the spline editor?

Oh, one more question. Can you not overshoot in the spline editor?

Yeah exactly store everything. Like I make a character in a seperate file and then make it into a template. I wouldn’t even consider making the chacter inside the scene.

Mostly I will do assets in their own files for ease of editing/storing unless they are really simple and I have no desire to reuse. But even i change my mind i can still store it as a template.

If you have lots of artists I belive Harmony is meant to be a better option but I don’t really know anything about it.

As for your spline questions you can just open multiple editors and have them side by side for the different variables. I don’t think you can have them all in one editor.

I don’t know if there is a way to make it automatticall ease in and out but there is set ease to multiple parementers. Check out the kickstart videos with the ballerina section for a discussion on it.

LillyV will hopefully be able to give you better answers than me as i usually just play with them if im not happy with the animation.

There are a few different ways to work with multiple functions. One, as TheRaider said, is to double-click on each function separately to bring up the individual function editors for the functions. To set ease on multiple functions at once, then you can select those functions then use the “Set Ease on Multiple Parameters” button (located on your Timeline toolbar).

Other than these two methods, there is also a Function View. If you have the function view open, then when you click on a function it will automatically show that function in the function view. Then you can set the ease in here as well. This function view will show ghosts of the other functions behind it - but often the values from one function to another will be quite different, so they won’t often line up.

You can’t edit more than one function at a time in the Function View, you must select each function individually to edit it.

Hope this helps!

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