Multiple projects, photoshop like tools, and other stuff

I’m still new to your software so there may be some features that I simply haven’t figured out yet, so please forgive me if you already have some of the the features that I am requesting. I’m a feature film story artist, art director by trade and have been doing boards for over 22 years and I’ve been doing storyboards digitally about 12 years now… and I really enjoy using your storyboard software.

Here’s the list:

Opening multiple projects:
It would be extremely useful if you could open more than one project at a time.
The ability to copy and paste singles or groups of panels between two open versions of the boards would be SO very helpful. This would allow artists to compare versions of a cut and make revisions in realtime… Sometimes there is something in an earlier version that gets lost in later iterations. Editing software like Premiere CS5 has this type of multiple storyboard view and it would be nice to have this same functionality in Storyboard Pro.

Photoshop tools:
Lasso tool
Fill tool (for section only)
Gradient tool (that is fast and easy to use)
Transform tool: that is intuitive and easy to use over multiple layers and that could warp layers as well)
The ability to select multiple scenes and transform the content (scale) of those scenes in one pass.
Erase through multiple layers -
Draw or erase on multiple selected panels- to edit a bg or a specific layer through an an entire shot.

Glicks (the ability to:)
Select, copy, and paste 2 layers at the same time without the strange image smearing that currently happens especially with grey shading + black layers.
Greyscale sketches that show up when light box is turned on- presently they vanish - I like to rough in fat grey (not unlike roughing in grey markers) and presently I have to reduce the opacity of the reference layer before I can do the next pose.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for your time,

On the mac to open two instances of SB pro.

Make sure you have a SB in your dock

Make an alias of the app on the desktop (command-option drag the app from applications to the desktop). It should have a little curved arrow on the icon indicating an alias.

Launch the app from the dock.

for you second instance double click on the alias on the desktop. another copy of sb 2 will launch.

You can now paste between the two open projects.

Regarding the Photoshop tools, I just want to clarify:

Lasso: We have two different kinds of lasso, a lasso for selection, and a lasso for the cutter. Is what you want here different from those?

Fill tool: You say you want to fill a section only. You can use your paint bucket, either with Paint or Paint Unpainted, and you can draw an invisible stroke around an area by setting your pencil tool to 0 and then drawing with it. When you paint, it will paint only up until this boundary. When drawing invisible lines, make sure to turn on Show Strokes (K) from the menu.

Gradient Tool: What improvements would you like to see regarding gradients? You can create gradient colour pots, and then you can use your paint bucket to paint with them. You can use the Edit Gradient/Texture tool to edit gradients, or to copy a gradient matrix from one gradient to another, to line them all up. One thing that I’d personally like to see is the ability to drag the paint bucket and have the gradient orient in the direction that I drag. Are there other specific improvements that you can suggest?

Transform tool: We just have the simple first frame, last frame transform, and each layer is treated separately. Perhaps there would be a way to lock several layers together, to avoid having to copy and paste transformations from one layer to another.

Transform the scale: You can select all the drawings in a scene and scale them together, but you can’t select across multiple scenes. Generally a scene change happens when the angle of the camera changes. For my info, why would you want to scale more than one scene at a time? If the camera angle changes, wouldn’t you have to scale each scene differently?

Draw or erase on multiple panels: I think it might be more useful here to have a way of reusing a drawing on multiple panels, so that when you change it on one it automatically updates it on others. We’re looking into finding a way to do this.

Copying and pasting two layers with glitches: I haven’t been able to repro this one. Do you have an example of a problematic panel that you can send to to repro?

Greyscale sketches with light table: I tried this just now, I worked in grey on one layer, then I switched to the other layer and turned on the light table. I was able to see a washed out version of my first layer, but when working with very light grey, then it was difficult to see the line. Working with darker grey worked better.

You can change the Light Table Opacity in the Preferences, Camera Tab. This may or may not help the issue.