Multiple monitors issue

Hello friends!

I’m running Animate Pro on my laptop with a monitor attached. I have extended my desktop to the right and opened Animate Pro so that it is displaying on the attached monitor in a full size window.

Two things have happened;
1. When I hold down for alternate versions on a tool (such as the select tool, or the contour editor tool) the options for that tool appear onto my laptop screen. This happens even if I extend my screen to the left- bizarrely the options for the tool go all the way to the right so that they appear on the left of the laptop screen! :o
2. The first time I open up any menu that isn’t already displayed, it will automatically display on the laptop screen. After any menu has been opened I can drag it to the monitor screen and it will remember to open there, but forgets once the program is restarted.

My current working fix for each of these issues is to resize the window so that it just has enough room to the left to not jump the options drop downs across to the laptop screen, and to open and drag the menus across as needed (repeating every time I restart the program) respectively.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks everyone!


There is this case mentioned in Issues for the software:

Seems to be similar to your problem.

Best regards

That appears to be 100% the issue I am having yes :slight_smile:


Lilly you are an absolute genius!

Yes that worked perfectly. For anyone who runs into this problem in the future it is a little tricky to set up, because the laptop is quite keen to remain the main monitor. Usually in when running Windows Vista you can just right click and select personalise- then display settings.

Because they option was greyed out for me I had to use the keyboard button on my laptop for swapping to external display only and then open up display settings from there.

Thanks again!

Can you set the monitor to be your primary screen? This may solve your issue. Are you on windows or mac?


Excellent I’m glad this solved your issue!