Multiple Layers

I have a premade character that is rigged up and ready to be placed in a scene, the character has multiple MULTIPLE layers, I tried simply collapsing all the layers, selecting the entire character and placing it in the library, but this results simply in the character being rendered in a single layer with no child layers that I can manipulate. How do I transfer this character and all the layers to a new scene?

You might want to have a look at the documentation on templates.
Templates allow you to im- & export whole rigged characters.

Wow, that was simple, I simply had to double click the timeline the symbol was in and was able to manipulate it from there. Quick question, will manipulating the symbol in one project effect it in another if it’s being used already?

I’m not sure if you’re using ‘symbol’ as a generic term, but if you copy your rig to the Library you will have a “template”. Templates are independent, once you drop them into a scene. So you can drop 10 copies of the same template, animate and change the drawings, that that will not affect the other instances or the original template. If you work with actual symbols, they will be connected to the original. There are very few situations in Harmony which you would use symbols instead of templates, I believe.

Luis Canau