Multiple instances of the same Peg controlled animation but with offset timing


I am considering to purchase Harmony. But I am wondering if the following is possible:

In Flash I can make copies of the same looping animation (graphic symbol) and offset the timing of each symbol by defining the First Frame of each symbol.

How it it possible to do in Toon Boom if I have a peg that controls the animation of a drawing?

For instance - if I am animating an oil rig. The head of the oil rig is swinging back and forth - it is controlled by a Peg which makes the rotation animation. Now, I want to have a few more oil rigs - reusing the same drawing (head of the oil rig) and even the same animation (keyframes from the Peg layer) but with different timings.

The beauty of Flash is that If I change the main animation inside one of the symbols, all other symbols are assuming the change, as well - but they still start at the different frames, depending on what the First Frame is set at.

Can I do the same in Harmony?