Multiple Head Views in One layer

I’m wondering how to approach this. I want to place 2 to 3 head views on one layer, I also want to put the mouth shapes for the head as a child layer. But that means I will have mouth shapes from both left, right and center. That’s 8 shapes for each view (left, right and center). Can I do this and still make it work with lip sync. Is there a better way to set this up. Multiple Head layers? and multiple mouth layers? I hope this makes sense.

When I tend to do this I have seperate layers for each views mouth. Mainly because you get so many shapes it becomes unmanageable.

Then for the mouth I am not using for that view I just leave the layer blank.

That’s the way I’m starting to set this up but I’m not sure what will happen when I start to animate this. Can you just uncheck a layer in the middle of a animation sequence? The only other way I can think to do this without it getting to complicated (alot of drawings on many layers) is to just do the scene with the head turned one way and start a new scene with the head turned another direction. This seems to defeat the point of the flexibility of the software.

You just put a blank frame on that layer if your not using it (or don’t expose it). It is as simple as just deleting the frames from the timeline (you don’t lose the drawings you can just sub them in when you want to use them).

Most people include all the views they need in their cutouts in one template.

That makes sense for managing frames and layers, I’m just trying to find a way to get the lip sync to work for 3 or more sets of mouth layers. I think I can separate the sound files and link each one with a different layer when I need to make that change.

Use one sound file.

Sync view 1 mouth.

Sync view 2 mouth.

Sync view 3 mouth.

Then delete all the frames you don’t require from each view.

Yeah, that sounds like it should work. Sometimes I have a hard time getting my head around this, must be because it’s 10pm and it’s been a long day. Thanks Raider.

Thanks again Raider, I had a chance to put this to a test today and it works perfectly just as you layed out.

That is good ;D

Just so you know, you can also map to different views on the same layer. It’s just that you have to be very careful about having a good naming convention. Let’s say you have A, B, C, D, E, F, G, X, then A-f, B-f, C-f, D-f, E-f, F-f, G-f, and X-f for the front view. When you map the lip sync, you will need to select the appropriate drawings for the view that you want to map to. And then if you have the view changing throughout the scene, it becomes a little more complicated because you can’t map to only one portion of a layer at a time. In this case, it really makes sense to have more than one layer.

Just for fun, another thing to play around with is to have a separate set of mouths for when the character’s angry, or sad. His mood can affect how he talks, and it can be great fun to play around with different sets of mouths.

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