Multiple frames created instead of 1?

Hey hey, day 2 of the Harmony Advance trial.
When I go to draw a new frame, it automatically fills the next 5 or so frames in the xsheet with the same drawing, meaning I have to delete those before proceeding to draw the next frame, rather than just being able to skip straight into the next.

Super irritating as I’m sure it’s probably some setting I have accidentally switched on… gah!

Muchos thanks in advance x

Hi , i dont know why is do so.

But you can only go to next frame and create a empty drawing.

Soo you dont need to delete them.

Or you can add or remove exposures ( How many frame one drawing have ) by pressing “-” or “+”.

I hope that makes it easier.

/ Mattias

HI there, thanks for your response. To clarify, what’s happening is that when I draw in one frame, it’s automatically extending the exposure by 6. I’ve been on the xsheet preferences and unchecked “extend exposure of previous drawing” but unfortunately that hasn’t worked either. Super frustrating!


I understand. I tried to see if I could recreate that but it does not happen here so dont know.
( I use the Premium version )

Try contact support and I hope they will have a better answer.

I hope you solve it.

/ Mattias