Multiple computers, same project?

I’m not sure if this has been discussed before here. I have two computers running TBS, and I want to consolidate the scenes from each one into the same project file.

What should I do?

1) Shuttle the same project from one computer to another. Only make changes to it on one computer at a time.


2) Is there a way to work on a scene in one project and then copy that scene into the master project? Maybe by moving the data files from one folder to another in the backstage area?

if they are on a network together, & you have your library on your shared drive, then you can access files on both comps. If they arent on a network together, then you would have to work on files one at a time I believe.

My computers are networked. I probably wouldn’t want to have the same project file open on two computers at once, so I copied the project to the second computer.

I did some tests, where I started a new scene and imported a drawing on computer #2. I was able to copy that scene to computer #1, but the project file on computer #1 did not know to look for it. I would have to save the project file on #2 and copy it over to #1, which defeats the purpose of using two computers. I want to be able to work on two different scenes at the same time, so copying over the project file would probably cancel out some of my latest changes.

I’m still shaky on the concept of libraries. I know my global library (where I keep all my backgrounds) is in the My Documents area of my computer’s C drive. Not the best place for it, and impossible to network with my other computers.


In fact once you made a template out of a scene from the first computer it should create a tpl file in the folder where you stored template in question (if the global it will be in the Toonboom Studio - Global Library 3.5 located in the My Document folders). If you want to move them on the other computer you could simply move the tpl file to the other computer and import that tpl inside a library of the project of that computer.

Hope this made sense… if not let me know.

So basically once you have created templates for all your scene you should be able to make the master project and import those scenes one at a time (in different physical scene in Toon Boom Studio). Then if you do an export movie you will have everything merged in a single animation movie.

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Thanks. I think I’m in over my head here. I’ll have to research “templates” before I follow through with your suggestion.


Once you do your research on libraries and templates, you may want to investigate this approach. You can add a new library to your existing library using the create library command. This will let you select a folder that could be on a shared drive. Once this library is created you can copy templates from your projects or global library into this new library. Then other artists can open this library in their project,s library to access those templates. The create library and open and close library commands are very useful for working with and maintaining shared libraries which are separate from your Global Library. You can also use this method to build many libraries which are specific to characters or other series related assets. Then you can open and use these libraries when you need that character or assets in a project. It is a step beyond the use of your Global Library. In effect you can have many global libraries and select and use only the ones you want when you need them. So conceptually think of the Global Library as your personal global library and these additional libraries are the shared global libraries. -JK