multiple columns for imported image

Hi all -

being a neophyte to TB, I hope there is a rather simple procedure over the way I am envisioning…
I am importing an image into an image column. I need to give the illusion of the image coming towards you - meaning that cell has the image scaled down very small while cell twenty has the image at full size. Cells 2-19 size values will increase slightly…
Cell one: I used the properties tab to scale the image to point one. Cell two I set the scale value to point two - as a result, cell one changes to point two as well - to get around this, I created twenty image columns with one image in each and each scaled to a different value… is there someway I can use one column and have each of the twenty cells scaled to a different size value within it?
Thanks …

hi All -

me thinks me have figured it out… I need to establish a motion path. On each motion point I can set the scale value… if this is not correct or if there is a better way please let me know…
I think also the next problem I have i will ask the group because it seems as soon as I do that I find the answer - sure will beat the hours I spend trying to figure out the problems… ;D

yeah, motion path is a much better way to do this.
you set the first (distant), the last (near) positions of your picture in the 3d space according to the camera view, and the motion curve properties (ease-in + ease-out). that’s the way it goes. :slight_smile:

hey rob -

thanks, I do appreciate the help… d ;D