Multiple characters

I want to create multiple cut out characters and reuse them in different animations. Each character would have multiple layers (body parts) and each layer multiple substitutions (e.g. different hand views). I want to save the characters as assets so when I make a new animation scene I can just import the characters I want. When I bring them in I may want to make alterations, can I do this without altering the original asset? Would this be done in the Stage Library, and would I then needs to export the library and reimport it into new scenes? Is there a tutorial for asset management in ToonBoom? Cheers

Hello crackpothead,

You can indeed do this by creating templates in the Harmony library. The library can contain a link to any folder on your machine or server. You different types of templates that are available to you. Sounds like you want to have a Master Template. With the library, you can template a full character rig, animation, and pretty much anything you would want to bring in your scene for reuse.

Find out more about the library and creating templates here:

Hope this helps, cheers! : )

Sweet, thanks Genevieve. I was thinking there must be some way to do it. I’ll check out the link. Thank you.