Multiple Cameras

For organizational purposes of my short film, I like my toonboom animate scene files to contain several shots (a sequence of shots), back-to-back.

Is there a way to animate which camera you’re looking through as you play through the scene file?

For example, Frames 1-20, you’re looking through camera 1. Frames 21-30 you’re looking through camera 2, etc.

That way, I can render a whole sequence rather than a collection of small scenes and be forced to use editing software to edit them together.

Part of the reason I want to do this is to minimize the amount of Toonboom scene folders I have in my project directory. I’d really prefer to avoid having hundreds of scene folders and all their many iterations as I’m saving my work.

Under the Scene > Camera menu, I can manually choose the camera to look through, but can’t find a way to animate which one is “live” on certain frames.

Is there a way to do this?


Simply attach the camera to a peg and animate the peg.

Don’t use multiple cameras just for moving the camera.

In your example throw a keyframe on frame 20 and another 21 then it will move instantly from position 20 to 21.