Multiple animations for games

I’m going to be using Toon Boom Studio for a game I’m working on. This will require me to create many animations. Is there a recommended way to do this? The only way I can think of is to do animation1 from frames 1 to 10 and animation 2 from frames 11 to 20.

Is there a way to copy what’s in frame 1 to another frame x after I’ve created an animation in between 1 and x? In my walk cycle, I want to get the first and last frame to be exactly the same, and I think the best way to do that would be to copy it.



Hi there,

I think you’re animating using Bones right? Once your first animation is done, if you collapse your entire skeleton, you select the first keyframe (in the Timeline), copy it (Edit > Copy), click on frame x and paste (Edit > Paste). This will work if you want to continue animating on the same skeleton. (there is a Paste Special command from the same Edit menu that might come in hand, depending on what you need to copy)
You may also want to take a look at the documentation about the Library. You might want to be able to back up your animation clips for reuse in another project. Also, keep in mind if you’re using bones, you can replace the drawing element in the Skin group with another image, and have a second character repeat the animation already created. The second drawing would have to be drawn in the same position as the first for this to work, but if properly executed, could be a great timesaver for game animation.

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Im doing the same thing - making dozens of little animation clips for a game that’ll need loads of little guys fighting it out, their animations selected dynamically as needed.
so i need a bunch of deaths, attacks, defences etc.
I tried a few methods including the bones but when it came to exporting them to a flash movie to be imported to the game it took over an hour to render 130 frames :frowning:
So i had to resort back to just simple cut out animation which works but lacks a few features.

But yeah i started by making a new file for each soldier type and doing all their animations on one timeline, selecting a full column of keyframes from the ‘idle’ position and making sure i ctrl+drag them to the start and end of each new animation segment on every layer.
Simpler than it sounds and doesnt take too long.