Hi all,

I want to know if there is a way to use the camera view to adjust the size of an element (scale) without affecting its distance from the camera. I can adjust the size (scale) within the drawing view without affecting the elements relation to the camera but that makes it a hit or miss operation in getting the camera view results to layout property…


Yes, you can use the scene planning scale tool which is keyboard short cut (9). This tool will directly set scale keyframes. This is different than scaling in drawing view with the select tool which actually changes the scale of your drawing itself. The scene planning scale tool only scales your drawing for that keyframe for that scene. You can then use additional scale keyframes on that element to animate the scale of the drawing object as required.

You can also use the scene planning transform tool (7) to scale the object but it also sets additional types of keyframes besides just scale keyframes.

Finally you can use the scene planning select tool (6) to scale an object, this does not set a keyframe but instead it globally sets the scale for the element for that entire scene, it doesn’t change the scale of the drawing in drawing view. The scale property in the properties panel is the same as setting the element’s scale using the scene planning select tool except you can do it numerically instead of visually. A value of 1 is the same as 100%, 0.5 is the same as 50%, and 2.5 is the same as 250% etc. -JK