Multiplane Doesn Work

I am trying to make a multiplane scene, but every time I bring my front background to the front my character disappear on the camera view, can someone help me?

Hard to know . I dont use the multiplane to often. and the screenshot is a bit blurry.

It seems like you have premium version so you have the Node view.

Could it be that the position in the layer or in the Nodeview should be moved towards the front?

I rememver having similar problems when I had the Advanced version and then it was just the normal view not multiplan.

Thanks for the help, I Separeted the backgrounds in two groups, and I moved in the composite what is suposed to be in front. But I have seen tutorials where people do it only with the Z coordinate.
This is giving me some trouble because sometimes it also happens with parts of my character. For example, I move the leg to the front and the whole inferior body moves. If you have any ideas I could take clearer snapshot of specific parts.

Yes, please send me some images and I can see if I what it could be.