Multilayer PSD importing all group-sublayers from photoshop, to all drawing layers to Harmony


We’re having an issue when importing multilayer .psd files into harmony.

We structured the psd file with groups and sublayers within those groups. The idea is to get those psd groups into drawing layers within harmony with the sublayers from the psd file being converted to drawing subs in the drawing layers in harmony.

When we import a multilayer psd with the “layers as groups” option, every group sublayer from the psd shows up as a drawing sub in every drawing layer in harmony.

Isn’t there an option that contains every psd sublayer to it’s group. so that the drawing layer in harmony only has those sublayers as drawing subs in stead of ALL sublayers.
It kind of defeats the purpose when creating a rig with some elements.

Hope you can help.


There is already a feature request for Harmony to do this instead of
having all drawings available to all layers of the groups.