multi-selection in timeline editor

I’m not able to -LMB select items in the timeline, something I’d like to do if two layers I’d like to manipulate are not adjacent (stacked) in that editor.

I expect that I could

LMB on L_thigh
-LMB on R_thigh

…and have both selected. Currently the action results in de-selection of the first layer. I can select them in camera view with -select and the result is satisfactory…only those two are selected, not the layers stacked between them in the timeline/layer editor. -select in that timeline does what I would expect - it also selects all layers included between the two selected ones, but that’s often not desirable.

dont see any odd mouse binding that would prevent this, other code that normally operates this way is working just fine.


Yes this is not implemented. It’s a know feature request.