Multi-pose Structure

I cannot create a deform rig for multiple poses. Where’s the Multi-pose option? I have Premium

It doesn’t says where this option could be enabled. See: “Creating a Full Character Turnaround Deformation Rig (Legacy)”

Are you under the impression that there is a button to click that makes a multiple pose rig as opposed to another rig? The Preferences reference in the section linked describes a function that simplifies the rig if creating it to use for multiple poses. You have to build the rig with that objective.

At 00:33 it shows the option at the Preference Menu for rigging multiple poses, but in Harmony 12 that option doesn’t appear…

Yes you are correct. I have not upgraded to Harmony 12. I just finished scouring for the information and it appears to have been changed in the latest Harmony (12). Very sorry for misleading you.



There is a new feature, Envelope Deformer, perhaps the whole process of rigging with deformers had to be reconsidered in order to utilize new approaches.

don’t worry, thanks anyway. I hope someone could help me with this anyhow…

Contact support. This will be so new that everyone will be in your position.