Multi-Port-In/Out for symbols

Is this currently possible?
if not, is it planned for Harmony 11?

There is no separate read module for symbols so the answer would be no.

Symbols in Harmony are containers for elements that move in unison. You may wish to avoid symbols entirely because they provide little benefit unless for very precise purposes. Usually they are less efficient because you need to do an extra step to enter and exit them to edit the material contained within

I use pins, cutters, highlights, deforms, and drawing layers to create dynamic drawings for fast content creation

It would be nice to bake these layers into a single drawing layer (like a drawing layer composite module?), and manually refresh it when needed

This way a scene with more then one of my objects won’t lag just while I’m panning the scene

Also the benefit of editing one template and having it update all references to that group would be nice

Another benefit is it makes it easier for users to create custom modules. For example a highlight + selector + cutter linked up in a group through the network interface to create a custom module would be a lot easier than learning how to script the same thing

Symbols in Harmony don’t really bake layers into a single drawing, composite modules do that (sort of, as an intermediate step in arriving at the final composite).

Symbols also won’t help to avoid lag while you are panning (I’m assuming in real-time rather than when you are compositing). Lag can be due to a number of things but generally a better graphic card with more RAM should be better at handling complex compositing effects. If you are referring to deformation, note that placing the peg above the deformation group rather than under it will help to avoid refresh for every slight movement and refresh better without much lag.

For templates, you can use the library to make templates of whichever group of modules you may wish to place together. If you are using templates to save time, be sure to not refer to any specific drawing in these effects groups or to functions that are outside of the group of modules that you are saving.

The thing to remember is that Symbols in Harmony have a different implementation within the software than those of Flash that you may be used to.

yes, I’m trying to make suggestions that will solve issues in performance. Having the option to pre-render assets is a logical step toward cutting performance drains. Baking templates into “drawing layer composite modules” seems like a flexible solution.

I’ve received confirmation that harmony 11 will include better handling of multi-threading (so the 17% cap while panning is a limitation?). My graphics card’s GPU load only increases by 20% while panning, and the memory used is only 732 MB (out of 6 GB). So depending on whether the cpu bottleneck is the only issue here, this could mean…

Currently symbols are extremely handy capped. I’m getting the vibe that this is more like an effort to drive harmony users away from symbols entirely, rather than just optimizing symbols as a powerful tool for specific tasks.

I understand that keeping symbols as an isolated timeline means that multi-port-in is not possible. (but multi-port-out is possible)
Hopefully linked templates will be an option in harmony 11, this would solve a lot :slight_smile:

What exactly is your goal here?

Groups already allow multiple port-in and port-out.
Why are you insisting that symbols do this when I
explained that symbols in Harmony are entirely
different from Symbols as they are implemented in Flash.

Are you having performance issues when using the software or
is the rendering of the scene taking longer than you would like?
I am just trying to understand the issue a little better.

Learning and suggesting improvements based on what I’ve learned :slight_smile:

better performance is always a plus.
content creation is best done with a flexible rig.
cloners/symbols are a useful addition to content creation.
caching complex rigs in a manually refreshable composite would help with performance.
the potential for improvement of the network view is exciting.

Rendering in harmony 11 vs 10 is like night and day; the speed in 11 is bliss :slight_smile:

I was working on a game trailer in harmony; but its become very clear that I should just record in-game footage, as vector art requires much more computing power over my exported bitmap spritesheets.
My current workflow is for games, so I’ll only have to deal with one of my rigs at a time; once there in unity I can just use prefabs as my cloning solution.