Multi Layer Write to EXR Crashing on Harmony 21 Premium


I am finding no way to output multichannel EXR in the multi-layer-write node in Harmony 21 Premium (Version 21.0.1 (17727)

I have this rendering locally and via Deadline Farm using the standard writes. The multi-layer-write works when outputting PSD via local render and through the farm. It feels like it’s something to do with the file building/save stage of the operation. The render task seems to progress, and it’s when it creating the of EXR output file that it exits the program.

This made me thing it’s a file write permission potentially, but there’s no issues writing to the same locations, local or network when it’s set to PSD output, the crash occurs with this set to EXR as the output.

Any steps or test files I can provide, let me know.


Sorry, you need to reread what you posted it is confusing.


The Multi-Layer Write Node only exports PSD or EXR.
Then you write about what I take is the crash. But above you wrote it works.

Sorry just trying to understand what you want to accomplish.

Hi Steenbeck, thanks for your reply.

My apologies I had meant to specify in the title that it is the multichannel EXR output that is creating the issue. I’ve edited my original post to avoid confusion.

Best regards

No worries @theline, thanks for clearing it up.
I tested it out and the Multi-Layer Write Node output to EXR does crash Harmony after starting a render. Best to contact support and report the issue.

Hi @steenbeck - appreciate you confirming the issue. I will check before I report it that the single channel EXR can render from a standard write as it might help with knowing if it’s a potential issue with the node or the export plugin.

Many thanks for validating the issue your side.

I can confirm that single channel EXR output renders fine with a standard write node, both locally and through Deadline. Will report this as a bug.

When testing the Multi-Layer Write Node, I also tested the Write Node and had no issue exporting a EXR. Maybe I should have added that to my post, but it wasn’t a issue so I didn’t.