Mulitple frames gets marked as Keys or breakdowns


I am a stop motion animator and quite new to digital drawn animation, and totally new to Harmony, I have only used it a couple of days.

I have done the tutorials but run into a problem that drives me crazy. Probably there is a really easy anser to this but I can’t figure it out!

When I marke ONE frame in my timeline and press the K or B button to mark it as Key or breakdown, ALL following frames get marked as well. I have made sure, over and over, that I have chosen only ONE frame in the timeline, yet all following gets marked. What is this?

So grateful for help!
Thank you

Skärmavbild 2016-07-24 kl. 11.46.42.png

Hi Camilla,

Looking at your screengrab, it’s normal that drawing 5 gets marked as a Breakdown. It’s not marking the frame, it’s marking the drawing itself. In Harmony, drawings do not live in the Timeline or Xsheet cell. It’s an existing file in a folder that is linked to the Xsheet and Timeline.

If drawing 7 and 5 got marked at the same time, that’s not normal.

I hope this helps.