.mp3 support broken in 4.1?

Could somebody check this for me?

In 4.0, I was able to generate an animatic that contained a few sound effects in .mp3 format but 4.1 gives me errors for each of these sounds. After I close the error dialog that pops up, I can see the clips for these sounds on the timeline but they are empty ‘placeholders’. The sound effects that were in .wav format however load fine as expected.

I’m asking here because I’m not sure if this issue is with 4.1 specifically or if it happens because I’m running TBSP 4 on a different computer now. (I was running 4.0 on my workstation and running 4.1 on my Tablet PC.)

If I really had to, I could move TBSP back to my workstation and work with the file there (assuming this is a computer issue and not a 4.1 issue,) but it will probably be easier to just convert the .mp3’s to .wave and and replace the files on the timeline. Not a huge deal but it’s an annoyance. If it is a 4.1 issue, I hope it can be fixed in another service pack.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. It’s getting late so I’ll submit an official support ticket tomorrow.


Had to check one more thing before going to bed:

The .mp3 files play fine in other audio programs on this computer including Quicktime player. It is only Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4.1 that fails to open these files.



I just now tried replacing the .mp3’s with converted .wav files, and it’s more difficult than expected. Every time I move the timeline, import a .wav file, or delete a ‘placeholder’ .mp3, there is a long delay and then I get that error message.

I only have 3 .mp3’s and the rest are .wav files but unfortunately for me, there are many instances of one of the .mp3 files. This is going to take a while.

Anyway, word of warning to other users: if you still have 4.0 online, be sure to replace any .mp3 files you may have in your project with .wav files before migrating to 4.1.


Try removing the spaces from your folder Projects 02 so that it’s called Projects_02. Spaces, accented or other special characters can prevent your audio file from being read/imported because these characters have a special meaning in Linux which runs underneath OSX.

I moved my license back to my workstation, updated to 4.1 and tried it there. The original 4.0 project file opened perfectly–no errors regarding the .mp3 clips. The .mp3 files also import to a clean project on my worstation without error, unlike what happens on my tablet pc.

There must be something off about the 4.1 installation on my tablet PC then. I’m going to remove 4.1 completely from the tablet, re-install and try again this weekend. Will let everybody know what happens.

Now my feeling is that this issue probably won’t affect other users, so you may disregard what I said about avoiding .mp3 files. That said, you should use .wav or one of the other non-compressed formats as your source file whenever possible–I only used those few .mp3 files in this project because they were immediately available in that format and they were used for temp audio only.


Quick followup to the MP3 situation.

After moving my license back to the Tablet, the problem persisted. It’s apparently a permissions issue but I can’t figure out how t fix this. Anyway, here’s a little more info.

My project folder resided in a directory called Projects 02 in my Documents folder. Normally I have access to anything in this folder from any program, and only TBSP seems to have trouble reading only MP3 files or projects containing MP3 clips when they are located this folder. I made sure permissions were all set correctly and even used a script called Take Ownership to make sure everything is indeed ‘owned’ by me. (My user level has always Administrator, by the way, so that’s not the problem.) But after all that, the problem persists.

So next, as a test, I tried moving the project folder to the desktop. Surprise! TBSP reads the project file perfectly fine. Also, it can now import any MP3 into a clean project file.

I still don’t understand why TBSP has issues with only MP3 files and only when they are in the Documents directory, but at least I know how to avoid the problem now. Normally when I’m working on the tablet, I like to keep my projects on a portable drive so I will just move the project over there. Alternatively, I can be sure to convert any MP3 file I want to use as a WAV before importing it to TBSP because the program reads WAV files in the Documents folder just fine.

I’m still curious about how to properly fix this issue though, so if anybody has any ideas, please post.


One more thing: later this week, if I have time, I’ll try moving my license back to my workstation, copy the project from the network share to the local Documents folder, and see what happens when I open the file there. I’ll write again when I find out.

At this point, it’s just a big puzzle to me, and I hate unsolved puzzles. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone but I think I’ve isolated the problem. :slight_smile:

I moved my license back to the workstation, moved a copy of the project to the local Documents directory and–well, what do you know–I can reproduce the same errors I was getting on the tablet PC on my workstation. If I move the project to another location, say, the local desktop or a directory on our network, the file opens perfectly fine without errors. The same is true for importing MP3 files into a clean project. Just to be sure, I moved the files back to the Documents directory, and the errors came back.

Apparently, this problem only occurs with project files containing MP3 files or when importing MP3 files and only when the files are located in the user’s local Documents directory.

I’ve only seen this problem with MP3 files. It’s possible that other file types are affected but I haven’t seen that yet. So far I’ve been able to reproduce these errors on two unconnected computers running Windows 7 Pro–I’m almost certain I can reproduce this on a third computer but I actually have work to do, so I better stop here.

The solution of course is to keep your files out of the Documents folder or simply avoid using MP3 files. If you must use an MP3 file because the source is only available in this format (which was my situation,) convert it to WAV before importing it into a TBSP project.

Just thought I should mention this here in case anybody else is running into this problem. Hope somebody will find this info helpful.


Thanks for your reply. I’m running TBSP in Windows 7 Pro and not OSX, but even so, my directory is actually named ‘Projects_02’ and does not have any spaces in it. 15 years in visual FX and animation taught me not to use empty spaces and punctuation symbols in path names a long time ago. :slight_smile:

Anyway, the issue turned out to be an overly aggressive ant-virus program–in this case Panda Cloud. I had switched from Avast to AVG and then to Panda Cloud a few weeks ago, which was probably around the time I started seeing this problem. (Recently, I found that Photoshop CC was also having issues reading certain files in the My Documents folder.) When I switched back to Avast today, the problem went away.

Ironically, I had originally switched anti-virus programs a few weeks ago because I thought Avast was becoming ‘overly aggressive’ (i.e., it was reporting way too many false positives for my taste.) So far, the latest version of the program is behaving though–I guess the dev must have fixed the ‘aggression’ issue in a recent build.

So, in my case, the permissions issue isn’t problem wasn’t with TBSP 4.1 or my OS, it was my anti-virus program. Hope this info is helpful to other users who run into the same problem.

Whew! Glad that’s over with.

BTW, TBSP 4.1 is great! Despite the few issues I ran into, I got my board and animatic finished in record time with this version.