Moving to a new computer

I’ve had Tooonboom Animate 2 now for a couple of years. My current laptop is starting to wear out and I’ve been thinking of getting a new one. Since I downloaded Toonboom from the website, how would I get it on a new computer? Is there a licensing thing I would have to do since I can’t have it on multiple computers at once?(don’t think I can anyway).

Deactivate your License on your old computer…
Install Animate on your new computer and activate your License again…


i did this for like 6 months, activating and reactivating on different computers, studio and home. becomes a nightmare after a while! toonboom should do something like creative cloud…

This is unacceptable! I’ve encountered a similar issue, although my issue is that I’ve been using the software on my desktop, but now I bought a new laptop, and I have to have it in both computers, because I now have to travel a little more, and while on the road, I need to be able to work on my projects. I contacted ToonBoom and their answer is the same, they don’t let us have the license activated in two computers … WHICH IS RIDICULOUS! Because all other software providers let people do this, since many designers face this necessity.
I even have Toon Boom Studio and Storyboard, and with those programs their policy is different! Why can’t we do the same with Animate Pro! It’s a HASSLE that we have to activate/deactivate the license each time we need to switch computers!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!
I now contacted ToonBoom via email, but they are hiding! I’m a customer since 2008 … is this the help and assistance we get after doing business with you and being loyal customers?
What a shame! >:(

I wrote to everybody on the list, because first of all I called the Canada number, and I had to leave a message. A lady called Andria responded, and then she copied someone called Bernard on her responses. My last email was addressed to Bernard.
It’s a hassle for me to have to do this acitvating/deactivating of the license like this Lilly! Please understand me, to me, this was an investment for me to be able to work with better tools, but this is ridiculous! What is Toonboom trying to accomplish with this? You can email me if you’d like. Thanks. To this day, nobody else other than Andria have answered any of my emails. And this doesn’t speak very well about Toonboom’s support.
Thank you in advance for your help on this matter Lilly :-\
(let me know if you need my email or if you can retrieve it from my account)

I don’t believe they are intentionally ignoring your emails. It seems there was a breakdown.

I agree with that a better solution would be good. But from thier point of view they don’t want a studio purchasing 1 licence and then sharing it accross a number of people and just rendering on the 1 legal licence. You have to respect their right to protect their IP.

I agree this is a huge hassle for people who have a laptop and desktop and are using it in the way Toonboom intended(aand allow). I wish they could find a middle ground and have an automated licence return system. That way when you close Animate the licence is automatically returned ready for you to pull down again. It actually takes close to 5 minutes for me to switch the licence (deactivating, finding key, inputting key, booting etc) which can add up quickly.

Yes, I understand their right to protect their product, but not even Adobe does this to its customers, and everybody knows how strict Adobe is! I’m the sole user of my computers! I work alone, why do I have to be punished like this? I’m not running a company here, it’s just me! :frowning: … They could have some workaround this issue, like with the other programs, they should allow us to be able to run it in 2 computers … even your idea of having some kind of “instant” automated return system, where we could just launch the program from one computer OR the other one, and have it running automatically, would be nice! But this is simply RIDICULOUS! Not to mention INSULTING to me, that at this point, after spending thousands of dollars on their software programs (I bought 4 from them, includying Animate Pro), I’m being treated like a thief who wants to steal what I already paid for!!! Do you see my frustration here?
I’m at a point here, where I would be glad to give them back their stupid license if they give me my money back! >:(

I understand your frustration as I have mentioned this before.

I don’t think Adobe is a good example since to be honest their products are some of the most pirated in the world.

By protecting the software it allows them to keep pricing down. I know copy protection is a problem from my own experience and how to deal with it is hard. I believe (although I am not sure) their copy protection is provided by a third party which is probably limits what can be done about it.

I do believe my solution would be a great middle ground which wouldn’t effect our experience and meet the goals of Toonboom, however I don’t know how possible it is for them to implement. My guess is if it was easy they would of done it by now.

Well, personally I’m respectful about licenses, I buy all my software programs, my presets, all my plugins and all my applications. I take my own photos and I buy whatever music or sound effect I might need. I invest in all that just because I think it’s way cheaper than having to pay for a lawyer later on.
That’s why I took this so personally. But you’re probably right, everybody (including me) has to take the necessary measurements to protect their work. Trust me, I do understand that.
It’s just a real hassle for me, I keep all my licenses very well protected under all kinds of passwords, and after I install something I do not wish to mess up with my licenses like that, I just want to forget about it and use the product to comfortably work! :-\ … That’s why it’s an inconvenience for me.
But yes, I would be happier if they could find some kind of middle ground, some kind of compromise or something they could do soon about this. It would really help those of us who have this issue.

The only thing Nolan didn’t mention was you can always download the product on your new machine by logging in to your user account.

So just remember to save your license key, then deactivate it from the old machine, and activate it on the new one after you install the software on the new machine.


For Professional Products, you can only have a license active on one computer. As you mentioned, you can have the software installed on as many machines as you want, but if you want to use the license on both you need to deactivate the license from one machine and activate it on the other.

Which email did you write to where they didn’t respond? I’d be more than happy to follow-up here.