Moving the position of a character who's been animated.


say I have a walking character. Not a cycle on spot but a walk that moves along the stage (screen).
Say I want to pick up all positions and keyframes of that walk and move them to a different position on the stage.
How do I do this?
If I use the move tool it will move only the position (keyframe) I am presently on, but will leave the rest in place.

The only workaround I’ve found is to add another PEG and use that to drag all positions. But adding an extra PEG just to do that simple task is a bad solution, since it just adds another layer to think about, which has to then stay for the rest of the film.

In Flash, which I was using until I switched to Animate, I’d simply onion-skin the frames which cover the positions of the walk (there’s a special onion-skin that allows to select all the graphics) and just move the lot to wherever I like. Done.

So: how do I do this in Animate?

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Try using the Animate Transform tool with the animate button turned off.

hi TheRaider, thank you

won’t that move all positions of all drawings? That is, if the Animate button is off the whole layer is moved and that would create other problems in other parts of the film.

Am I wrong?


It doesn’t change the position of the actual drawings (to do that you you use the drawing transform tool).

It does like you said move the whole layer(and all the children), which what I thought you wanted to do. I assume you animated a walk cycle, then decieded it wasn’t in the right place, then doing as I suggested would indeed fix the problem.

Is what you are saying you have tons of animation on a layer and you only want to move part of it? If so the peg method you suggested is most suitable.

Another thing you can do, with the animate button, select all the frames you want to move, then move them. It will automatically create the new keyframes if required.

Actually that might be a nice little tip video.

in fact, I just want to move a part of the animation on a layer.
The PEG solution is ok, but it looks more like a workaround, I’m surprised Animate doesn’t have a way to do this that doesn’t involve adding layers (to what often is an already pretty complicated timeline).

The second solution you suggested sounds interesting. I’m afraid I didn’t grasp it, although. I selected the keyframes with the Animate button on and tried to move the walking character, but it still just moves the keyframe the playhead is on and leaves the others where they were.

I think I didn’t get it… :slight_smile: Could I ask you to explain again?

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I treid my previous idea, and sadly it didn’t work. However I found one which did, although it requires a couple of extra steps but doesn’t require you to use an additional peg.

Follow these steps:
-Duplicate layer (layers, if multiple collapse them)
-Move it without the animate button on
-Copy all the frames you want to change
-Go to original and select frames to paste into and paste.
-Delete duplicate layer

I am not sure if that is better than adding a peg but it works and i tested it.

hi TheRaider

yes, that works! Much better than adding additional Pegs.
I will use your method.

I really still can’t believe Animate doesn’t allow such a basic task…!

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Could you implement it by simply selecting frames and moving?

Just move all keyframes in the given range. While this doesn’t work extactly as OP needed it way more flexible. To make it work as OP suggested you would just create a keyframe before the one you don’t want to move so it jumps at that exact frame.

As far as I know, the Duplication method is the only way to accomplish this at the moment. Or the peg method. But I am submitting this as a feature request.