Moving symbols using arrows


Maybe it’s a stupid question but I can’t find any way to move my symbols using the directional arrows!
When I drag a symbol into the stage it seems I can only move it using the tablet (or mouse) but if i need to move it of just a few pixels I really need to use the directional arrows! Am I doing something wrong?

With the drawing layers the directional arrows works great for every line/strokes or everything I select…it’s just with symbols it doesn’t work! :-<br />
Thank you!

Select the Transform Tool…
Double click any Symbol… select the Symbol in the viewport…
(make sure that your viewport is in focus)

If you have, e.g., a Head Symbol, containing eyes, mouth, nose…etc…
Select one of the Symbols and with the Arrow keys move it, left, right, up and down…
(press shift for bigger increments)

Press the alt/option key / up and down arrow move it back and forth (z)…
Left and right arrow will rotate it left and right…
(this works only with Symbols in Symbols or nested hierarchies)


Thank you!!!
I was using the select tool as in flash!