Moving specific layer with a specific bone deformer bone?

Hello again!

Does anyone know if there is a way to move a specific layer with a specific bone deformer bone? right now I have a 3 bone deformer (it’s and arm). When I move the first bone (the one that is suppose to be the upper arm) the phone holder (which is situated on the upper arm) moves along as it should, but when i move the 2nd bone (the lower arm), the phone holder starts moving. I’ve tried around with kinematic outputs but don’t really seem to get it right!

Have a good day!

Hi Carl,

Which edition are you using and can you post a screen grab of your Timeline or Node view along with the camera view?




I’m using the trial version of Premium. Here is the screen grab:

If I disconnect the phone holster from the kinematic output it works but on other art where the holster is closer to an articulation, it distorts.

As seen in the screen grab, the holster moves when the fore arm is bent.

Thanks for replying so fast!