Moving SB Pro 4.2 license to new machine problem MAC

I am trying to activate my SBP 4.2 license on a new Mac running maverick. I have deactivated the license on my old machine successfully but only get message “error-1: Anerror occurred while setting the old license to OBSOLETE state”…I checked my SBP on old machine and the activation wizard there says ‘no license’
What should I try next?

You need ‘gold’ support to open both versions of TBS but, there is a big problem that V5 does not save a legacy version for those who have not upgraded.
Your files will invariably get messed up when opening in V4.
This is s very big problem ,yes.
Many studios can’t upgrade all their seats so a lot of problems are arising from outside artists who use V5 , when there are studios who are stuck with 4.
Or when only a few seats in a studio have V5 and there are leftover V4’s in the office.
I have already seen both problems arise especially when a V4 artist opens a V5 file with shared assets ( big problems there when they don’t expect drawing to change across many panels in difference sequences).
Once a file has been created in 5 there is no fixing it or easy way to disable the sharing across all shared assets in the project. Searching out all the shared backgrounds in a file will 1500 panels is an unnecessary task.
The only other solution is that no one or everyone upgrades.
Obviously the latter is not a realistic expectation so if Toon Boom expect anyone to use V5 then there should be a ‘save as V4’ feature for safety, this is very standard when software makes a big change.
It would not be a problem if a version could be saved that ‘strips’ out the new features.
Also V5 desperately needs a script that ‘Unlinks’ all shared assets , before a file is sent to revision.

I’ll post about that separately.