Moving parented layers independently


I cannot figure out how to move a parent layer without affecting the children layers.
If in a situation I were to want to move the parent alone, how could I do that? Or, how do you temporarily exclude the parent (if possibile)?



I don’t think it is directly possible, but you could move the parent layer and then move all the children back to where they started for the same effect.

I usually duplicate the child and put it outside of the parent. Then I align them for one frame where they are switching to being linked or back. Then I remove cells as apropriate. I.e. delete the cells from the one outside the parent when I want them to move together and delete the cells within the parent when I want them to be independant.

It lets you do stuff like have someone pick up a glass and put it back down on the counter.

As the others said, it’s not possible. But if you plan ahead of time then you can work around it.

One of the other methods is, if you’re using Animate Pro, you can put peg layers for all of your drawings, then make your peg layers into a hierarchy. Then if you ever need to move the parent, you can just move the original drawing layer, which doesn’t have any children.